No matter the job, safety always comes first.

Our ultimate priority at Everson Resources is safety. Everyone at our company is trained and vigilant to ensure that we perform our work safely. As a company, we maintain an “A” rating with ISNetWorld and go to great lengths to maintain that standing.

Everson Resources has an excellent working relationship with the Maryland Department of Environmental Protection and MSHA — rarely being sited while adhering to their strict guidelines. Our personnel are proficient with highwall stability and ground control plans regulated and required by MSHA.

Here at Everson Resources, safety is of the utmost importance to us — it is placed first, in front of all other discussions and considerations. I personally attend all Part 48 and 77 refresher courses as well as all other annual safety courses our company schedules. In the classes and meetings I relay to our supervisors and employees the importance of safety on the project site and I explain our "zero tolerance" commitment to safety. I am very proud of our company's safety-related history and the safe manner in which our employees go about their daily tasks.


Experience Modification Rating

  • 2016 N/A
  • 2015 N/A
  • 2014 N/A
  • 2013 0.75
  • 2012 0.75
  • 2011 0.75
  • 2010 0.78

We currently maintain an “A” rating with ISNETWORLD.